Lifelong Integrity

Greg Narr grew up by his father’s side with a hammer in his hand, always watching and learning. In high school, he joined his father’s successful construction business, Narr Construction, Inc., acquiring skills part time and from the ground up while seamlessly juggling school, work and sports.

Taking the reigns in YEAR HERE, Greg grew the business – built on integrity and dedication – into one driven by those values but with a new emphasis on personalized lifestyle building. Forty years on, Narr has an unrivaled reputation for building not just quality houses, but individual homes that offer real places of retreat and comfort for their owners. Greg is still involved intimately in every stage of the process from initial design to working closely with architects, on the day to day of job site quality control, cost containment and maintaining absolute excellence from foundation to finished home.

Today Narr Homes stands for many things: custom quality, a highly desired transitional look, opens floor plans, clean lines and comfortable living. The company works primarily in the West Metropolitan area but goes wherever a client needs exceptional design, quality construction and unmatched service.

“When people walk into a Narr home, they can feel that no matter how grand or luxurious the space is, there’s still character, a truly functional comfort and a warm feeling to living there that will last a lifetime,” Greg says. “Growing up building houses, it becomes part of who you are and it energizes you. At the heart of every new home we build, I always say there’s a family experience we’re helping to create.”